Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Well, It Was Fun, But Ended Too Fast

     We are back in school this week after a great Spring Break.  I didn't realize just how much me and the kids needed the time off of school and a regular routine.  I also didn't realize how much good getting away for a few days would do us.  We haven't been anywhere in a long time and we were in dire need of a change of scenery.  It was a lot of fun to just go to a beach and relax and enjoy being with all three of them.

     This was the last Spring Break all three kids will have at the same time.  Although Sydney isn't going away to school, she will still be in classes and won't have the same break as the boys.  I thoroughly enjoyed just being with them without talking about homework, projects, committments, or anything else.  It went too fast, though, just like I knew it would.  We do have a lot of fun things going on in the next few weeks until the end of school.  It seems like a long time before they are out, but the end of the year always goes fast.  I am assuming it will go especially fast having one graduating!

     I took a lot of pictures while we were gone, but this is my favorite.

     I am not sure what they were laughing about, I can't remember, but I love it when they all get tickled.  Stratton makes me laugh just watching him laugh!

     We had a perfect end to our great Spring Break.  I love Easter.  I heard my dad say on Sunday it is his favorite day of the year.  I have to agree.  Besides the fact that Spring is new again, the whole day of knowing what God did for all of us just makes it a joyful, peaceful day.  Family gets together and it is just a warm rememberence of how much God loves us.  For me, the rebirth of Spring symbolizes how we are reborn everyday.  No matter what, God loves us, and although we make mistakes, if we live with Him in our heart and try to live as He wants us to He will always love and forgive us.  Just as we know the flowers, trees, and birds singing comes back after the cold, dead winter, we know that we can live again through Him and our relationship with Him.  That is what it means to me, anyway.  It is just an all around "good feeling" day.

     We made new pictures of the kids with all the grandparents.  We know we have a lot of kids, but when they got on the steps around my mom and dad, we were kind of amazed at how big they all have gotten compared to last year.  We are very blessed and I am thankful for each and every one of them!


      I have been working on my other two blogs.  It has been a while, but I have missed keeping them current.  I am trying to keep my jewelry updated on The Lollipop Fence.  I am a very busy mom so I write what interests me on Grand Central Mom, but if you have any ideas or suggestions I would love to hear them!

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