Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kathie Lee.....Open Mouth, Insert Foot


      Kathie Lee Gifford made a mistake in her interview with Martin Short. She asked him about his marriage and wife without realizing she had passed away in 2010 of ovarian cancer. Kathie Lee always got on my nerves so bad on Regis and Kathie. I loved the show, but didn't care for her. I have to say, though, I feel sorry for her with this mistake. The video is really uncomfortable to watch.

      My gosh, I am totally blonde sometimes and don't even think before saying something. Just the other day, I made a comment on Facebook and worded it wrong. It was no big deal, but I happened to see it later and realized how dumb it sounded. I have a really good friend who is really smart and always thinking of things to do or invent. I told him, "I saw something the other day we need to invent.". Well, if I saw it I don't guess it needs to be invented. I meant I saw something that made me think of something we could invent, but that's not what I wrote. That isn't quite as embarrassing as other things I have done or said, but nobody likes to look foolish.

     Things like what Kathie Lee did go beyond embarrassing, they make you feel horrible about hurting someone's feelings. Short handled it very well. She has had a less than perfect marriage so her heart was in the right place complimenting him on having a strong marriage.

     She is one of those people that tries to be funny and it can come out rude, but in this case she was being sincere. What she said that follows the "tries to be funny but isn't" is when they were talking about his son graduating. Short was saying he graduated from Notre Dame and his other son works at Warner Brothers. He also said his daughter works at UCLA neuropsychiatric center to which she responded, "So you did get one smart one.". I don't know if there was a Notre Dame and Warner Brother joke in there, but that comment is what the all fuss should have been made over! You don't insult someone's kids. Especially when they are college graduates and have stayed out of the tabloids.

      I can't believe I am defending her because I have always seen her as obnoxious, but everybody makes mistakes. With all the ways of saying hurtful things to and about people and having them heard through technology and social networks when it is unintentional it should be excused. When things like this happen,it always makes the person who made the mistake feel a lot worse than the person it was said to. You have to think more of her for apologizing after she realized what she did.

I am going to go check my temperature now. I still can't believe I am defending her, but I can't help it.

What do you think? I would ask you if you think I am completely nuts, but I am not sure I want to hear the aanswer to that!

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