Wednesday, June 20, 2012

God Is Watching


     The Lord definitely works in mysterious ways. Sometimes I wonder why people who don't do the right thing get away with it and seem to go unpunished. I know God sees our good and bad deeds, but some people just seem lucky. It can appear, at times, much easier to choose the wrong path, but not so much in the long run.  I just get tired of seeing people get away with doing bad things. NOT the guy who lives in this house!

A tree fell on a house in Snellville on Wednesday morning, rendering the home uninhabitable. No one was injured, but a man who was renting the house was arrested after Gwinnett County police found an allegedly stolen pickup truck in the driveway.

His house was hit by a tree, but thankfully he and his children got out safely.  He was arrested later, though.  WHY???????  When help arrived, the police found an allegedly stolen pickup truck in his driveway.

 I saw this on the news last week and it proves that God does see everything and when we think others are getting away with something, maybe we should think again.

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