Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just Desserts

     We all had dinner at my mom's house Sunday night.  We always have a good time and with all the kids it is always entertaining.

     I honestly don't think I could love my nieces and nephews any more if they were mine.  They are all so different and have different personalities.  I work really hard at my relationship with each of them.  The kind of relationship I have with them is my responsibility and I know I will get out of it what I put into it.

     They are all really sweet and REALLY funny.  You never know what any of them will say next.  I know if I want an honest answer which one to ask and if I am looking to be pampered and loved on which one to go to.  They definitely make life fun!

     The kids have their own table, which most of them try to sneak to the adult table, so we sometimes end up playing musical chairs through dinner.  Sometimes they just shift around for dessert.

     That is what happened Sunday night.  My 5 year old nephew, Macalister, came and sat by me while he was eating his dessert.  He had a nice piece of chocolate cheesecake and was loving it.  With a big 'ole bite in his mouth he looked over at me and said in his very husky voice for a 5 year old:

     "They call this cake, but it tastes more like pie."

     I thought I was going to lose my dinner I was laughing so hard.  It was funny, but it was also a really good point!

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