Friday, June 22, 2012

My Little McGyver

     It gets harder and harder to get things accomplished.  If you try to resolve things over the phone, you get automated services that give you the run-a-round, if they don't disconnect you.  It isn't easy to get to talk to a person and a lot of times that doesn't work either.

     AT&T has given me fits this week.  I have tried to make it easy and resolve THEIR problem over the phone, but it didn't work.  For starters, when you use the English option, it helps that you actually speak to someone who speaks English as their first language and without a heavy accent you can't understand. 

     I decide I am getting nowhere so I go try to get things resolved in person.  The lady who helped me was very nice and very helpful, but I wasted my morning at the AT&T store trying to fix THEIR mistake.  Things just shouldn't be so hard.  What ever happened to the customer is always right?  Which, in this case, I actually was!

     I had the boys with me and they weren't happy to waste all that time either.  When we finally left the store and got into the car, my "little McGyver", Stratton, told me how he decided to show them how much fun wasted time is.  He set 4 random display phones and 2 tablets alarms to go off throughout the day. He said by the time they get to one, it will be time for another. They gave us so much extra time in there, he decided to use it.


     I might not should think that is funny, but I do.  He gets it good and honest, though.  My dad and his dad would have done something like that.  My dad is a complete jokester and isn't happy unless he is aggravating somebody.  His dad, my grandfather Tom Ed, was the same way.  A few years ago, he had just eaten a new Hardee's chicken sandwich and was explaining it to my dad.  He told him he liked it, but it had the "funniest tasting pickle" on it.  Well, it was a Hawaiian chicken sandwich with a pineapple on it.  That was the funny tasting pickle.  My dad decided to tease him about it using the next generation of pranksters.  He got Stratton to call him.  He called and asked him if he had tried Hardee's new chicken sandwich.  My grandfather completely unaware of what was going on completely fell for it.  "Yeah, I have," he said.  Then, Stratton said, "I liked it, but it had the funniest tasting pickle on it."  If I remember it right, Tom Ed hung up on him.  It wasn't much long after that Stratton had a birthday.  I think Tom Ed had been just waiting for the right time to get him back.  He gave him a birthday card with $1 in it.

     So, I guess I should blame Stratton's genes for his joking nature.  Either way, I still think it is funny!

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