Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sorry, Charlie


NO!!!      Emily let Charlie go!

     Maybe she didn't see herself with him, but I don't think he got a fair shot at all. He just seemed so sweet and sincere. He has my vote for the next Bachelor!

      I also felt bad for Nate. I know she felt he was too young, but you've gotta love a guy that gets that emotional talking about family and loved ones. At least he showed her how much family means to him. I don't think Michael ever really had a connection with her. What he said when he left was the most I heard him say the whole time!

      Ryan is such a joke. He is like the guitar playing guy in Animal House. You just want him to shut up!

      I knew he seemed fake. I would be mad if I was her about some of the things he said. He always talks kind of down to her like he is lecturing her. I was glad to hear her say she thought he was manipulative, at least he isn't fooling her. I don't know why she kept him, though. He made it obvious last night he just wants to be the next Bachelor.

      I don't think I like Chris or Doug very much. Chris has bully tendencies and Doug is definitely hiding something. There is something dark about him besides his eyes. He has the all black-looking eyes like demons or bad guys do in the movies. My dad calls them "dead eyes" when they look like that.

      Arie is still my favorite. I like Jef with one "f" too. I think Emily has a connection with him that we have only seen a small part of.

      Next week looks really good! It is the episode where she gets really mad and says the big bad word. It looks like she does so because someone calls Ricki baggage. Wonder who it is? My guess is Kalon. He should know about baggage. Or luggage that is. It's like one of the guys said, you have to wonder about a guy who has Louis Vuitton luggage! That just don't seem right.


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