Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Is Moving Right Along

     I may be totally wrong, but I think Emily will pick Jef with one "f".  When she was on Brad's season he would give her a rose first, do something to reassure her and kind of give her a hint that she was safe.  She did pretty much tell Arie when he showed up at her room that he was getting a rose too, but I think picking Jef with one "f" first this week said a lot.

     I liked Sean, but I am not totally convinced he doesn't really live at home.  His dad was sweet, but a little odd to go as far as get an armadillo for a joke.  I totally missed out on the mother in law thing.  My former one was never very nice or respectful to me so I tell my daughter all the time how important it is to get along with the mom of someone you marry.  Nobody gets along all the time, but I will never be in that situation again.  I liked Sean's mom a lot, but the dad was pretty weird.


     We had a great July 4th!  We went to my sister's house and my brother in law had fireworks.  Me and the kids also rode towards the nearby mall and watched those fireworks.  I love the 4th, but it has just been so dang hot here!  I don't handle the heat well at all and it is killing me.  My mom worried so much when we first started getting out at her pool about heating it, but now she is adding water to it to cool it off!

     We just celebrated my mom and brother in law's birthdays yesterday.  I have always thought it is so neat that they share a birthday.  It was his 40th so everything was decorated for it.  That worked out really well for my mom.  I kept telling her she looked great for 40!  She is still a young 58 and could pass for a lot younger.  I am going to post some pictures soon, but I am having technical difficulties with my camera and just got a new phone that I have NO IDEA how to work!

     I am also a little disturbed that we only have a VERY short time before the kids go back to school.  The summer is always too short, but this one has gone by really fast.  I can't believe I am saying this, but I am ready for football!  The boys have been working out and practicing all summer so I am ready to watch them play!  I am just dreading sitting out in the heat.  I can't imagine how hot they will be in all that gear! 

How's your summer going?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tough Situations That Only Faith Can Fix

I don't know if I am going to be able to express my point effectively, but I am going to try anyway. First, I want to say that my faith is the most important thing to me. I haven't had the easiest time in the last few years, but my faith has only gotten stronger. I know there is a reason and a plan for everything and it isn't for me to question. I know that, but at the same time, I can't help but "think" about things. I don't really think I believe in accidents. I think God has a direct hand in our lives and one day absolutely everything will make perfect sense. That isn't always easy to take in, but I have faith in it.

I believe that sometimes when someone really good and influential is taken from us, then maybe that loss might help bring others closer to God, or maybe it is to test and strengthen our own relationship with God. I think the things that happen to us and around us are far more purposeful than we can even imagine.

  My kids have two friends that have suffered great loss this year. The first loss was a future dad and current role model. This person was a HUGE loss to a lot of people including my own kids. He stepped in at times as a father figure when my older son needed it. Now, these two havejust lost their real dad. I think what bothers me the most when I hear things like this, besides knowing the heartbreak of two very sweet, good kids, is that there are a lot of dads walking around,even sometimes in the same town with their children,that don't have a thing to do with their own kids. That situation I will never understand anyway. It is completely unnatural to emotionally, financially, and physically abandon your own flesh and blood. There are so many dads everyday that don't have the choice to see their kids grow up or be there for them in this world. Whether it is through illness or something that suddenly takes them from their family, it is not through their own choice to not be there for their children.  That is so sad and unfortunate to me. I would be willing to bet that they would give absolutely anything to have the choice some dads take completely for granted.

I am not saying bad fathers are more "deserving" of any kind of fate because that is in God's hands. I don't believe parents or their children are being punished when they are taken too soon.  There is a reason and I believe God takes special care of children missing parents.  I just always think about the dads who are taken from their children without a choice and how unfair they must feel it is, as well as their children, when other men have that choice and just disregard it. I probably feel this way and am thinking out loud today thinking about these two sweet kids who have lost so much. I know my kids are so sad for them. The thoughts that have crossed my mind have probably crossed my kids' minds also and that hurts my heart for them and kids in their shoes.  It is just a tough situation and there isn't any kind of band aid to fix those kinds of things.