Friday, June 14, 2013

Boy Crazy

     My brother is the youngest of me, my sister and him.  He is seven years younger than me.  I think boys that have older sisters have a special appreciation of women.  I know many guys who don't have sisters that are great guys and very respectful of women, but I just think that guys get a special kind of education watching their sisters and seeing them date.  I know with my own boys I always use their sister in examples like, "how would feel if a guy said that to Sydney?" They see things a little differently when they look at that point of view.

     My brother has a 3 year old little girl that totally has him and her older twin brothers wrapped around her little finger.  I thought this was really funny, but one day last week my younger son had 3 boys over visiting.  They walked over to my mom's to get an ice cream and I came in behind them dropping off something to my dad.  When I came up the driveway, I saw my three year old niece Ella standing at the fence that divides her yard from my mom's. She is such a pretty little thing and has these dimples you can see a mile away.  She also has this expression that when I see it I have to ask her what she is thinking.

     I walked over to the fence and I asked her if she saw Stratton and his friends.  She just grinned and said, "Yeah." I asked her if she thought they were cute and without hesitation she answered "yes." Then, I asked her which was the cutest and and she said, "the one in the green hat." Well, they all three had on green baseball hats.  I pointed that out and then she said "the one with green shorts." That knocked out one, but two had on green shorts.  I knew she knew what she was doing because besides being extremely smart she still had her up to something expression on her sweet little face.  Before I could say anything else, she giggled and said, "the one with the grey shirt." We have a winner!

     I work with my dad and brother and the next day I was telling my brother about this.  He didn't say a lot, but we were a little busy.  I didn't think much about but he evidently did.  He said something later joking with my kids about me encouraging her to be boy crazy.  I didn't have the heart to tell him she didn't need my encouragement.  She was taking it all in before I said a word!

     Being just like any other little brother, Ty loves to tease and aggravate me.  We have gotten older, but that is one thing that hasn't changed.  I love it though. He is quick witted and always funny.  My youngest is like him in that way and I love it!  He really likes to mess with me while working.  I think I am going to buy this for Ella and hold on to it until she turns 13 and give it to her for her birthday.  Just to mess with Ty!

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