Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just As Long As You Call Me

    Kids sure can give people funny names. It doesn't really matter what a grandparent wants to be called. Often, the child decides and it sticks. My mom wanted to be called grandmother. My first two kids worked through the pronunciation, but my third child decided to call her "gaga." He is 14 so he did this before anyone knew of a Lady Gaga. My mom decided to just go with it and all of the rest of the 8 grandchildren have followed my youngest and they call her gaga until they can pronounce Grandmother. My dad is easy, he is Pop. It is what he called his grandfather.

      Grandparents aren't the only victims to nicknames. When my daughter was little she couldn't say my sister's name, Amanda, and so she became "duh" for quite a while. I teased her about that a lot not realizing one day I would get my turn! My older son couldn't say my sister in law's name, Bethany, so she was called FiFi. Of course we call her that every once in a while for fun.

     I think my name is pretty easy, April. Well, my sister's fifth child just turned two 3 months ago and he can say many recognizable names. He gives me the best hugs and kisses but the little stinker won't say my name. Of course it drives me crazy so I keep trying to get him to say it. He is a really smart little thing. I guess he got tired of me bugging him so he decided to shut me up. I, or anyone, now asks who I am and his response is (I tell myself he is trying to say April but it is too clear to anyone listening).... A Butt. If it didn't have such a distinct "t" sound at the end I could tell myself it is his way of saying my name. If it isn't enough that he says it very fast and very clear he has this little grin every time he says it. So, I think it is his way of telling me that's what I have been pestering him all this time to say my name.  I think I am going to be stuck with it for a little while.  It seems to be really funny to everybody else so until they find something else more funny and quit asking him to say it, that will be what he calls me.

       Bad thing is.............. I'll take it!  He can call me whatever he wants to as long as I know he is talking to me! I think he knows that and knows he can get away with about anything where I am concerned!

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