Saturday, June 8, 2013

Plus One For Technology

     Summer just isn't the same as an adult as it was when you were a kid.  Obviously, being a kid is much easier than being a responsible adult, but even kids today don't have it like when those of us over 40 were kids.

     We didn't worry about leaving on a bicycle and our parents not knowing where we were.  There was no texting or cell phones to check in. It got dark, you heard your name being called, or you got hungry, then you went home.We lived in creeks and didn't think twice about snakes or deep areas.  Well, all those snakes that shot out from banks and under rocks probably explains my fear of them today.  You could sleep out in the backyard, or even in a treehouse.  Today, we don't even think about sleeping in the house without a burglar alarm.


     Today, kids can't have as much freedom because of safety reasons, and they don't even seem to have much of a summer with year round sports and summer reading.  I am sorry, but whoever came up with summer reading should be shot.  I loved school, but you have to have a "mental break".  It is kind of like when I leave my TV on too long.  Eventually, it is going to reboot and take a break.  If kids can't retain what they have learned all year over what is a very short vacation then they just didn't get it in the first place. Maybe I am being selfish here, but I have to keep my kids academically on track for ten months out of the year.  I need the mental break!

     When I was a kid, we didn't have fast food restaurants everywhere.  I know not every kid grew up loving fresh vegetables, I am just weird like that, but that was part of summer.  After bike riding, swimming, dodging poisonous snakes all day, sometimes a tomato sandwich with a side of cantaloupe really hit the spot.  And, if you weren't crazy about veggies, that's okay.  If you grew up in the south like me you had biscuits and cornbread as a main food group.  I don't know who invented breakfast for dinner but we should have had them over the summer reading idea too!

     We also never had any idea of being Vitamin D deficient.  We never blocked it out by sunscreen.  You got your first good burn of the summer then you were pretty good the rest of season.  I also think friendships were different.  Sometimes it is hard to determine a tone or meaning in a text.  It is totally different when you are speaking to someone face to face and have eye contact.  Also, gestures like a pat on the back or just a sympathizing smile or look can't be done by text or email. 

     Technology has made a lot of things more convenient, but I really think things were easier and more simple before we had so many devices.

     This is just one example, but me and the kids rented a movie the other night.  Okay, it was a big convenience having On Demand where in just a few clicks we had our movie.  It knocked out having to drive to the video store, finding a movie (especially if it was new and everybody else in the county had rented all of the copies) and then putting it in the machine ourselves.  Plus one for technology.  Although, those trips to the store could almost serve as entertainment.  We didn't have texting, snap chat, twitter, etc.  so it was fun running into friends at the store you might not had seen since the last day of school.

     We started our movie and all was good.         For the first ten or fifteen minutes.          Then, I hear my daughter's cell phone that she has a text.  I guess they were all three beginning technology withdrawal because I look around and find one texting and two on iPads.  Maybe I am just not good at multitasking, but how can you WATCH a movie and iPad at the same time?!

Well, I feel like I wasted $5 on a movie, but at least we didn't spend any gas money going to get it!



SouthMainMuse said...

I try to let my children have some freedom. Go places on their bike. Ride downtown and the park. But I have to admit I love having the security blanket of the cell phone. Until I've taken it away from my daughter for punishment. Then she's off and I try not to worry.

April said...

I know what you mean! I am punished also if I take away their cell phones. I don't know how parents did it before cell phones.