Friday, June 21, 2013

Pope's Good Deed (huh?)

     I guess it is just a small indication of what our world has come to when it makes headline news that the Pope gave up his seat for a young boy with Down Syndrome.  This is a man who is the epitome of goodness.  We would expect him to do the right thing but it is being posted everywhere like it is an unexpected gesture.  I guess it is giving him more of a personal image that he gave up his seat and embraced the boy.
     I am showing my ignorance here, but the thing the Pope was riding on that is supposed to be almost royal looks like part of a pontoon boat.  It even looks like the seat swivels around. 


     It was a really sweet thing, I guess I am just confused why it is such "news" that the Pope did a good thing.  The articles said the boy's shirt might have caught the Pope's eye.  It was given to the boy as a gift from his parish priest. 
     Oh, lord, I hope the late night talk show hosts lets this rest as a good deed and don't take off on jokes.  That will jolt us back into the real world!

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