Sunday, June 2, 2013

Same 'Ol, Same "Ol...........well, not quite!

It has been almost a year since I have posted anything.  In a way, it only seems like yesterday, but so much has happened in the meantime.  A year in the life of a mom is full of many events, situations, and memories.  When you are a single mom, those things can be a little more complicated.  There are many dynamics.  Sometimes a mom is parenting alone because God called her partner home early, sometimes two people can parent better if they aren't married, sometimes other adults are thrown in the picture, and sometimes the other parent is here, physically on this earth, but no where in the lives of his/her children.  You get the idea, when you take on the title of single parent there is nothing easy or simple about the title or situation.

     My situation hasn't changed in the last year in the way that I am still my kids' only parent, but a few other things have changed.  My daughter just finished her first year of college, my son's football team won the state championship against the odds (a sad, sweet, inspiring story), and my youngest is headed to high school.  It has only been a year, but with two in high school in the fall and a college sophomore I feel like I aged more than a year!

     The biggest and best change is that this time last year they still had their dad's name.  However, they finished their school year with my maiden name.  That is a whole other post, but let's just say Shakespeare (I feel so inadequate correcting him!) had it wrong.  A name can sometimes mean everything.  I can understand judges being cautious with changing names of very young children, but when you have 12 year old children and older (my youngest is 14) that can explain why they want to do it and what it would mean to them, then I feel like the choice should be theirs.

By the way~   Shakespeare was wrong about this too!


This one I will go along with!


And this!


     One thing that hasn't changed is my addiction to TV.  If I could only get paid to critique TV shows.  Well, good thing I can't I watch too much as it is!  The other things that are the same are my family living on the street having a blast with all of these kids and my love for God.  I honestly don't know how anyone makes it in this world without Him!


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