Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Everybody Likes A Little Attention

     Above and beyond all else we all have one thing in common. No matter who we are we want to think we are somewhat good at something and want to be recognized.  Even if it started out as a hobby, or to serve as a stepping stone on to the next phase of your life that went a little off track.

     From our earliest memories we want to be praised.  Even if we got a little startled at the first time we smiled and everyone went nuts, it had to have been nice to get that initial attention.  Then, we go on to wanting to do whatever we could to make our parents proud.  We move on to school and want to make our teachers and peers think we are something great.  It doesn't end.  As long as we are conscious and aware, we want to feel like we are doing something right.

     This is especially so for single parents who for whatever reason we are single parents feel like we don't do a lot right.  Times are different and the definition of family has drastically changed, but when your home is broken you feel a little responsibility whether it is truly your fault or not. I always say the best compliment anyone can give me is about my children.  When you compliment them, you compliment me and I hope they will always be my greatest accomplishment. 

My favorite quote is from Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis:
   ~If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much.

It is true.  I brought these special, sweet people into this world and they deserve to be my top priority.

     I love writing this blog because my kids are tired of talking to me.  I am just kidding.  But, seriously, I find such a peace and sort of therapy from talking about being a single parent.  It is a scary place to be, but can also be an incredibly empowering place at the same time. 

     I believe (and it is my daughter's favorite quote) that everything happens for a reason.  I don't think God gives us anything we can't handle.  Maybe He feels that we need a push or He sends us in a direction we didn't want to go in because it is where He wants us to be.  He wants us to learn something and make a difference.

     I had terrible experiences with the court system.  My dad's words, "there ain't no fair but the county fair" quit being funny a LONG time ago.  Things that aren't right drive me crazy.  It becomes the principle of things rather than the particular situation.

     I want to talk about things that aren't right because I am so, so blessed to have a large family behind me.  A family that I know will never let me or my kids go homeless or hungry.  I have personally sat with a lot of women who are not that blessed.  I have left them and am still thinking how in the world are they doing it?  I hate seeing parents who are only trying to live right and do the right things be mistreated, but more so it drives me absolutely crazy that there are kids out there not getting what they should because of a system that is not just broken, but half dead.

     It always warms my heart and spirit when I come in contact with someone through this blog that shares similar experiences with me.  I have made friends on here I know God made happen.

     Still, it comes back to also wanting to know that while I sit pouring out my heart and words they are somehow heard.  It is nice to get recognition, not so much for the attention, but to know you are getting somewhere.  Well, maybe the attention is nice.  Really nice. 

     I got an email two days ago that gave me a little nudge of encouragement that I am not just entertaining myself with my words.  I was one of 32 picked for The 2013 Five Diamond Top Single Parenting Blogger Winners.

Everybody knows a girl's best friend is diamonds, and since I don't have wedding ring, I have a 5 diamond badge on my blog!

Thank you so much, Julia, for the email and the encouragement!

Click  here to see the list!

Diamond Lining Blog includes the full list of top blogs in different categories such as beauty, parenting, adoption, etc.  It is a good way to find blogs you are interested in!  I have found some news ones to read from the list!

The Diamond Lining

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