Friday, July 12, 2013

Freaky Friday......Feet

     There are many themed days on social media like throwback Thursday and wordless Wednesday, so I decided to do something different on my blog.  Freaky Friday.  I will talk about, and I hope you comment and add your thoughts, about things that freak me out.  There are A LOT!  I am either weird or just special like that.  I don't know, but I can't help it so maybe talking about it will make them seem less "freaky."  Well, probably not, but you can get a glimpse into my strange world.

     The first of many things that freak me out is feet.  I know that is weird, but they do.  When I was a baby, I had to wear corrective shoes, well more like boots and braces, on my legs and feet.  My legs were turning inwards and I had to wear them for a while to straighten them out.  Every doctor I have ever seen about my back and spine problems tell me it is hereditary, my poor grandmother has a bad back, but I have to wonder if there is any connection with my problems as a baby and my back today.  I had to sleep in these shoes and they scarred me just a bit.  Not physically, but I had a thing for a long time where I wanted to sleep in my shoes.  I guess it was kind of a security thing.  Then, I wanted my tennis shoes as tight as my dad could tie them.  If you didn't think I was strange enough, I bet you do now!

     Maybe because of this childhood trauma (haha)  I just do not like feet.  I will admit, some people have cute feet, but I still don't want them touching me.  Oh my gosh, some people just have gnarly feet that need to be covered and stay that way.  If I am in line at the grocery store or somewhere like that and I see someone in flip flops that clearly needs those things covered I know I have an about to throw up look on my face and I just want to run.  I swear, I think I have a panic attack if they are close to me. 

     I like to get pedicures, but holy cow if you really, really wanted to punish me, make me give one.  I feel guilty the whole time I get one because all I can think is how I would hate to have to do that! 

     We have all these sweet kids and no they are not immune to my freakiness.  I am okay and will touch them and even kiss them, but once they start walking on them I am done.  I think my phobia is hereditary because my older son feels the same way.

     I seriously am not drinking or anything writing this, I am that strange when it comes to feet!

What about you?  Are you freaked out by them too?  If you have a fetish I am not sure I can handle hearing about it.  (Just kidding!)  No, I am for real, but you can tell me anyway.

What in the Hell is this person thinking?  I have too many pairs of nail clippers said this person......Never!  All I can think about is germs and they freak me out too, but that is is a WHOLE other post!


WHAT????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is just wrong on so many levels.  Anyone looking at this with plantar fasciitis is probably cringing right now!


Why cousins shouldn't marry and have a family.


I will definitely have nightmares for a week!

Not bad, but I still don't want it touching me.


Ok, I can deal with this.....for a little while.


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