Friday, July 5, 2013

Hot Now Sign

     Being a woman is hard.  Whether you are married or not, you have tons of responsibilities.  People always look to the woman if her home and children aren't in order.  They look at the man too, but it usually falls back on the woman.  We are supposed to look good while tending to every detail of our lives and those we are responsible for.

     THEN, there are the hormones that say screw everything, I am in charge here.  Honestly, when hormones rear their ugly heads you have no choice or control over anything.  It is best to just give in, let it ride, and hope it doesn't last long.  So should everyone else along for the ride.

     With all of our womanly responsibilities and hormonal issues, sometimes we just want a damn doughnut.  You know how Domino's Pizza used to guarantee delivery within 30 minutes or your pizza was free?  Well, who is here with me on this one?  When Krispy Kreme has the Hot Now Sign on they should have every kind of doughnut on the menu ready.  ESPECIALLY the new ones they are advertising on the drive thru menu.  If they don't, you should get a dozen of your second choice doughnuts for free.  This happened to me and Sydney tonight and if you ain't ready, don't flash your Hot Now sign and get us all ready!


Anonymous said...

Hi April,
I'm stopping by from Bloggy Mom's and I saw this post. I'm still laughing. Love your blog. Take care.

April said...

Thank you!