Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Think I Need A TV Intervention

     I do love my TV shows!  There are classic shows I can watch over and over again.  Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Andy Griffith, and The Brady Bunch are just a few examples.  Looking back, I wonder how controversial The Brady Bunch was being a show about divorce and blended family.  I don't think anyone that watches it sees it as anything but a real family, but then again, it is television.  I am sure they don't represent blended families of today.  For one thing, if you have six kids, and one of you isn't getting alimony because you are re-married and one of you is paying alimony, both parents have work and there is no Alice.  I will be honest, it would be hard to do the blended thing.  I have had enough drama to last me a lifetime, I am just having a good, stress free time enjoying my kids before they are all out on their own.  I don't want any kind of extra drama.

     Maybe that is why I love TV so much.  It is an easy escape.  Summer, although better than it used to be, isn't the best time for TV.  I do have 2 fun shows that are new episodes right now that I love to watch on Tuesdays.  Pretty Little Liars and Dance Moms make my Tuesday nights.  Pretty Little Liars is just creepy.  It has a really good story line and if you haven't been watching it you really have to start from the beginning.  Not only because it is hard to catch up but because you will miss some really good shows.   I tried to put a video on here of the opening song, but the video wasn't working for some reason.  You can click here to try, or try to google it yourself.  It is creepy in itself!    


     Abby, Abby, Abby.  I am the strange one that usually agreed with Simon Cowell.  I might not have always agreed with the way he expressed his criticism, but he made American Idol.  I know he is big in the music industry, but I have never heard of him singing or playing an instrument.  I have no musical ability whatsoever, but I have an ear for what I think is good talent.  Maybe if you can't do it yourself you pay more attention and appreciate talent in a totally different way than someone musically inclined.  OR maybe Simon was just ticked off that he has no musical ability?!  Just like I agreed with Simon, I agree with Abby.  It is also the same that I don't agree with her delivery at times, but I find myself yelling at the moms on TV "just leave if you don't like her teaching style!". It really is that simple.  If these moms are so upset with Abby, then take your child somewhere else.  Although, then they wouldn't be on a reality series.....   Aha!  That's what I thought.  If they think Abby is abusing their kids, well, then, they are too by keeping them there so THEY can be on TV.

     I am easily entertained.  There are some shows I would have never thought to watch on purpose, but if I walk through my room or the den and the tv is on a channel that has something interesting on it, I have to watch.  One day I accidentally started watching Rivermonsters.  It is a really interesting show.  Anybody that knows me would tell you that isn't a show I would be expected to like, but I do.  Like I said, I am easily entertained. 

     There is a new show on Tuesday nights on Comedy Central.  It is called Drunken History.  I am sure the language is rough, well, actually I know it is from the video clips I have seen, but it does look funny.  With episodes having casts like Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Winona Ryder, and Kristen Wiig I don't know how it could be anything but hysterical.  You can find clips on Comedy Central , it looks really good but I am guessing their biggest audience will be college kids.  You remember?  The kind of thing you would watch before going out?  Now I watch my Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond  before I am out........ like a light...........sound asleep!


It has to be funny.  These pictures make me want to laugh just looking at them.

     What is your TV addiction?

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