Monday, July 8, 2013

Katie Couric Episode

     I watched an episode of Katie Couric this afternoon.  The first part was an interview with the nurse, Amy Ridgway, and homicide detective, Tim Braun, about the case of serial killer Charles Cullen.  He was a nurse, also known as The Angel of Death, who killed many patients through injections.

     What caught my attention and made an impact was that the nurse who led him to confess to the police was a single mom.  She said in the interview her first concern was her safety because she is a single mom, but nonetheless, she bravely and successfully helped police stop this serial killer.

     That is just amazing to me.  What a great role model and mom she is.  She has taught her kids something about life, the world, and strength in doing the right thing.  There is a book about the case in which her identity is revealed.  It is The Good Nurse:  A True Story of Medicine, Madness and Murder by Charles Graeber.

     As great as it was listening to this mom and nurse, I was really touched by the detective.  I think we sometimes forget people in authority are just people doing a job and forget they have real emotions.  The son of one of the victims was also on the show.  As John Shanagher talked about his dad and his feelings about what happened, Katie brought attention to Braun, the detective, getting very emotional.  This just touched me for some reason.  He made you want to reach through the TV and hug him.

     I feel like our world is full of such negative things and people it just was very sweet to see this man's emotions and feelings for families of the victims.  I am sure it is rewarding in his profession to see people appreciate what he does, but you could tell it was much more than that for him.

     We are placed in situations and with people we don't always understand, but God does.  The friendship between the nurse and detective was discussed.  Her strength and his compassion had to make a huge difference in catching this guy.

     I don't know why this touched me and really made me think today.  Maybe it was because a man who is old enough to know better just acted ugly with me and mom about  an hour ago, but I think it had to do with seeing this detective's honest tears.  It was a sincere emotion and you could just tell he was a really good man and person.  I just don't think we need to take any of them and their example for granted in any way.

     Another part of the show was Janine Driver who wrote a book, You Can't Lie to Me, and she gave clues to know if someone is telling the truth or not.  I find body language very interesting.  I do not like people who lie at all.  I can't lie.  Maybe it is because I don't have enough sense to remember what I have said so it is safer to just tell the truth, but it is something my kids know I do not play around with.

     One hint was if someone is talking and shifting positions.  If one moves around it is to clear the mind and decrease stress.  If lying, the shifting is a way of easing anxiety and helping one think.

     The way words are said is another indication. If someone says, "I know you think I am lying to you."  opposed to "I want you to know I am not lying to you." the order of words is important.  Look at the end. In the first sentence, the person is pretty much saying "I am lying to you."

Navel intelligence was another thing she talked about. If you are talking with someone and you are face to face, navel to navel, and they move around whether they are still facing you or not, but their navel is moved, that may indicate dishonesty.

On a positive note, she said if you are about to speak publicly, have a job interview, or need to decease stress one way to do it is with the Wonder Woman stance.  Just standing that way will help you with anxiety and give you confidence.  I don't know if this works, but it will be fun to try!  In the least, you will come off confident and maybe make people fear you just a little!  Well, maybe sans the whip!

*If you click the name under the picture it will take you where I got the photo.  It is a blog with an article on this idea of whether the pose can make you feel powerful from someone who speaks publicly.

What are your clues that someone isn't telling the truth?                                                                           

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