Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rose Duffy

     Divorce is never easy.  You can have the best of situations, but there are still adjustments and uncertainty.  The one thing I have learned is that you can come out of it a lot stronger than you ever thought.  I have met through the courts and through this blog some amazing women who not only made it out alive but went on to do things they had no idea was in them.

     This is where faith comes in.  I know there have been people along the way that God has put in my and my kids' lives.  They, even if it was knowing them for a second, showed me that it would be okay and God was reminding me He has never left my side.

     I had the honor of meeting an awesome single mom who calls this kind of faith (I love this!) Godwinks.  She has had many times that she has been shown by God that He is there and is guiding her through her new journey.  He also has given her a beautiful voice.  In my last post, I said I believe God purposely has given us unique talents and gifts and it is up to us to embrace what makes us who we are and use those gifts.  We never know why we go through the things we do, but sometimes it gives us a special perspective and it shows in our gifts.

     Rose Duffy has a really pretty voice.  You can feel her love for her son in her song, "Big Picture Window."  It is a song for her son as he went off to college.  It was a personal gift to him, but it is something all moms can relate to.  She has another song, "All About To Change."

Let me tell you something.  I love music.  I love country music.  I love country music songs about women who have put themselves on hold, it wasn't appreciated, and they are out to show you just what they can do.  Women who are really just starting their lives.  This song,"All About To Change," is that song!  It has a really good sound to it and I bet if you listen to it once, you will be happily singing it in your head the rest of the day. It is that kind of song.

     Rose Duffy has her own website.  You can find both of her videos, her blog about her life and those so sweet Godwinks, and much more. (She has played sax for and became personal friends with Etta James!)

     Please let me know on here or better yet go to her website,, and let her know what you think!

                                          "All About To Change"

                                          "Big Picture Window"

She wanted to add this note for you:

     I'm Rose Duffy, a sax player/songwriter.  I would love for you to visit my brand-new music website.  I wrote a love song/picture montage called "Big Picture Window" for my son when he left for college.  Let's just say that I wrote the other not-so-love-song called "All About to Change."  It's very empowering and motivational.  I'd love it if you could check out Blogs 2 and 3 ... and possibly share my link with friends and family.  My website is: ... I'd love for you to subscribe and also "like" my music facebook page by clicking on the link just under the big picture on the left side of my website. Thanks so much ... Best wishes to all ... Stay in touch, okay???

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