Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tee 'Em Up!

     Our home is definitely a football home.  Just check our schedule and listen to my boys talk for five minutes and it becomes very clear.  My boys enjoy basketball too and sometimes play off-season.  My nephews are into baseball and basketball. 

     I grew up with my dad and his dad playing golf.  It was a big part of their life and my brother became the third generation of golfers in our family.  He helped start the golf team that is now at my kids' high school.  To me, it is a sport of gentlemen and almost has an elegance to it.  It also takes as a lot of practice and strategic skills maybe more so than athletic ability.  It helps to have a natural ability, but it takes some thinking too.

     My dad always wanted me or my sister to play golf.  When we were growing up there just weren't many girls who golfed professionally and he always wanted us to play.  Well, he is having him a summer full of golfers and he is loving it!  My niece, Ella, is learning to play and she will only be 4 in the fall.  My two boys and 4 of my nephews are playing.  They are so cute!  They got plastic balls so they could hit some in the yards.  My boys are going to the driving range when they aren't practicing football.  My dad is loving all these boys, and girl, golfing. He may have his girl golfer because not only does she love it, but she has a really good swing.

     These kids have a lot of fun with different sports and this will be no exception, but I think their "Pop" has a lot to do with all of them becoming interested in it.  They love their Grandmother and Pop!  They love being at their house and being together.  I thank God every day for us being able to live right here on the same street and be able to be so close in every way.  This is the sign I made for my mom and dad for Mother's Day.

     My brother still plays and is very good.  He belongs to a really nice club around here and he has won the club tournament two years in a row.  It is a prestigious place with a lot of good, serious golfers so we are really proud of him!  It is also a preliminary for the Georgia Open!

     Me and my sister have worked at golf courses, but that is about it.  I do like to watch it, though.  I worked one summer as the beverage cart girl and it was a lot of fun.  It is harder than you think, especially when you are as blonde as I am, because you go against the traffic of the golfers.  There is a very unfortunate little curve and bridge underpass where I worked.  Yep, came around the curve and hit two old men head on.  They were nice about it, but I am still embarrassed.  My daughter is working at the course my brother belongs to this summer and she loves it so I guess we girls have done something for our part where golf is concerned!

     I know my grandfather is looking down and watching over all these golfers.  We have tons, and tons of golfing pictures of years past with him, my dad, brother, and my uncles.  They have played in many tournaments, and my dad has even helped start charity tournaments.  It is definitely a "Family Tradition"!

     This is just one of the pictures we have.  It is in my dad's office and I am not sure when it was taken and if there was a specific event, probably a club tournament, but is a great picture.

My dad Tim on the far left, my brother Ty, Michael Thomas, and my grandfather Tom Ed

     Michael visited my dad and showed two of my nephews and my boys a few things today.  He is a great guy and has a lot to show them.  When my grandfather passed away, Michael and a couple other of my grandfather's friends hit golf balls after the service at the cemetery.  I thought that was so neat and very fitting. 

     I had to make pictures of their little lesson with my dad and Michael this morning.

Two of my nephews.  Aren't they just the cutest little golfers you have ever seen?!

Now, they can really yell Fore!, or four that is, for generations of golf players!

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