Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Sun Done Sank

     I took that line from a Florida Georgia Line song, "Tell Me How You Like It."  As far as our summer goes, the sun done sank.

     We have had a really good summer.  I say "had" because it is pretty much over.  They start school in a week and a half, but there is not any "chill until it gets here" time.  It is time for back to school clothes shopping, school supplies shopping, let's see how much you can help me get this house back in order that you tornadoed (is that a word?) through for the past two months time.

     We did have a good two months, though.  Notice I didn't say summer break.  We didn't really have any kind of break.  My boys play high school football. 'Nuff said.  They love it, but we stayed on some kind of schedule since the last day of school.  We went to two colleges for football camps.  We did fit in a few days at the beach and that was fun.  Until the jellyfish arrived.  When we couldn't get back in the ocean we went home a day early.  My mom has a pool and since we live on the same street, I guess we can say "we" have a pool that we came back home early to.

     We went to the University of Alabama and The University of South Carolina for the football camps.  The Alabama trip was fun because my aunt and uncle live near the school so we got to spend the night with them.

                                   My son, Shane, and uncle Jimmy. Jimmy loves football and is a big Alabama fan so he was excited about the camp too!

Shane and Stratton before we went into the camp.

                                         Sydney and our aunt Cecilia.

I will say this is Jimmy giving Shane some advice, but I think they were both talking about how cool it was to be at the campus!

Coach Nick Saban gave a great motivational speech to the boys before the camp began!

The South Carolina trip was a lot of fun too.  Columbia is a really neat town and it had to be so cool for my son that they got to wear Gamecock jerseys for the camp.

This is the back of Shane.  He had jersey 73.  That had to be so neat for the boys to get to wear them!

Shane has on the green shorts.  It was hard to get pictures that day, but this was before he did a one on one.


This was at the hotel.  Sydney had to work and couldn't go with us, but the hotel we stayed at had a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse so I had a "date night" with my boys.  It was a lot of fun and they really enjoyed it.  Might would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't been giving them lessons through the meal, but I told them they need to know what to do at a place like this if they are on a date or just as an adult.  I have to play dad too and make sure they know what to do as a man paying, tipping, etc.  It was still fun!  When we got back to the room, Stratton thought it was really funny that his shoe is so much bigger than mine.  He isn't telling me anything, I trip over his and Shane's shoes all the time! 

     We figured out that between our trip to Tennessee for Spring Break we have travelled the SouthEast. We have been to Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, and we drove through North Carolina and Florida so I guess that counts.

     Our best souvenirs from our trips?  Fireworks.  The young guys that work in those places crack me up.  I kept asking questions just to watch them get all excited talking about them.

     Our trip to the beach was a much needed break.  We always have a good time no matter what we are doing, but you can never go wrong at the beach!

                                We would hang out at the lobby lounge and people watch!

                              Sydney and Stratton.  They are always teasing each other!

Sydney and Shane. It is sweet how protective he is of her.

We went to The Hangout restaurant.  It was so much fun and the food was really good!  It was our first time at Orange Beach, and we really liked it!

Sydney and I.  I love just relaxing at the beach at night.
To be honest, I don't mind summers ending that have been as much fun as this one.  What bothers me is the summers you don't feel like you got to do anything.  We can't complain.  We had a lot of fun and got to spend a lot of time together!

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