Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Namesake

     Today is my niece's 9th birthday.  I have something really special with each of them, but she is named after me so we have something extra special.  It is wild having someone named after you!  My daughter is named after my sister, my sister's older daughter is named after me, and her younger daughter is named after my mom.  Guess what else?  All three of them have the same first two initials, S A.  Sydney Amanda, Skylar April, and Sadie Angela. Neat, huh?

     I always tell my niece, Skylar, about me guessing her birthdate.  She wasn't due until the second week of August.  She is my sister's second child and we were all on vacation in June that year and everybody was guessing the day.  I guessed the 25th.  Everybody laughed at me because it was 3 weeks early, but it just popped in my head and I stuck with it.

     The day before, on the 24th, everyone kept asking me if I wanted to stick with my day and I said "yep!"  I went out to dinner with my sister and her husband the night before.  That next morning, a Sunday morning, my mom called and said you won't believe this, but Amanda is in labor and just left for the hospital.  I said, "I do believe it!"  I was supposed to teach Sunday School so I called to tell them I was on my way to the hospital.  She was born later that day and I tell her as I watched her come into the world she did so looking like she had on red lipstick!  I am not kidding, she looked like she applied lipstick before making her appearance. 

     We had a terrible scare with her when she was 2 and almost lost her.  I cannot imagine our lives without this special little girl.  She is our prayer person before family meals.  It doesn't matter how many people are in the room, she stands in the middle of them and so confidently says the prayer.  Not a song, or any memorized versions, she says something original, about the day, and always from the heart.  Not many adults can do that!

     She loves music and dancing.  In honor of her birthday I am adding this song that my daughter has got me hooked on.  I can't get it out of my head!  The first time I heard it I thought it sounded like a Prince song, then, I found out one of the singers is Jason Seaver's son.  You know, Alan Thicke from Growing Pains, son, Robin Thicke.  Would not have guessed him to be one of the singers!  Not sure which one of the other two sounds like Prince but they might want to get a paternity test!

                                                                   Blurred Lines

Happy Birthday, Skylar!   I love you!!!!!

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What a GREAT photo of you guys!! Xx