Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A kid Here, A Kid There, Here A Kid, There A Kid, Everywhere A Kid...

     I woke up Monday morning to the show "19 and Counting.". Yes, I am so addicted to television I even sleep with it on. I always have.  I know some people have to have their room completely dark and quiet.  Both bother me.  I am 42 years old and need the noise of the tv and my bathroom light on to sleep.  The bathroom light keeps me from breaking my neck if I get up to go to the bathroom during the night.  I kept televisions on when my kids were little so they wouldn't be so used to complete silence while sleeping.  I mean, really, if you are asleep how do you know the tv and bathroom light are on anyway?

     Back to that show.  It fascinates me.  We have 11 kids all right here together in my family so managing all of those kids isn't the daunting part to me.  Our kids are spread out in three homes with two and a half sets of parents, though.  I am the half! Haha!  It is tiring thinking that two parents are in charge of 19 kids.  Maybe that is why they do their show, the camera men are at least a few more eyes on what they all are up to.

     I also have a really strange fascination with the show Sister Wives.  I know, it is strange, but I watched the first episode and they have had me hooked.  As strange as it seems to me, there are some advantages.  One thing though, is there are 17 kids in this family.  Fourteen are biological and three are from his fourth wife's former husband.

    Hmmmmm, Jim Bob's kind of THE MAN in this deal.  He has 19 kids with one wife and Kody has 14 by four wives.

     Jim Bob and Michelle are such a good team and seriously make their life look just blessed and fun.  I don't know how she is always in such a good mood.  Maybe it is because she has only had probably 3 periods in over 20 years.  She didn't have much of a break between pregnancies.  Some people are really rude and critical and say he either needs to get fixed or use a condom or she needs to be fixed.  I don't know how she walks around.  She has to be at the point of keeping her legs together at all times to keep her uterus from just falling out.  I don't know how it still works!

     Kody and his four wives, naturally, have more emotions and drama.  They all work together and every wife kind of has a job.  Michelle not only had to carry and birth all of her children, she doesn't have other women to share the load with.  Besides the obvious dilemma of who gets personal time with the one husband, I wonder if it is hard for the moms to treat all kids as theirs.  I always say I don't think I could do the blended thing.  My kids have been through too much and I have them 100%  and I have a hard enough time making sure each one gets my attention when they need it.  I don't want to divide it up.  My nieces and nephews are different.  Even though I feel like they are mine, the adults in our family just have an individual flowing relationship with the kids that works.

     The positive of sister wives would be the division of duties and tending to the kids but then you also have to share a husband.  However, there are times that wouldn't be so bad either!  Say you have a hormonal day and you just want to be left alone, send him to the next wife.

     These shows are intriguing to watch.  Some people find it weird, but I have my own personal thoughts on that.  My biggest fascination is how in the world they financially provide for such big families.  Both scenarios seem to be able to. I don't understand their lives because I don't live it, just watch it.  Both families are very Godly families, they support themselves, the kids are well taken care of, so at the end of the day it really isn't any of my business.

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