Friday, August 9, 2013

Freaky Friday.....Dun Dun Dun Dun.....

     There is no way to write the creepy music in Jaws as the shark is coming.  You can't express with words the anxiety and suspense leading up to the moment Jaws attacks.



     I am terrified of basically the ocean, but more specifically, shark.  I grew up going to the beach on the Atlantic.  We went to Daytona every summer and I loved it.  I recently started taking my kids to the gulf and I don't know that I will go back to the Atlantic.  I love the beaches on the gulf.  The biggest attraction is I can see some in the water.  You can't at all on the Atlantic side.  In Daytona, we would occasionally get called out of the water for manatees or if there were stingrays, but you can't see anything around you.  I remember one of the last years we were there, my mom and dad saw late one afternoon what they said looked like a feeding frenzy.  They were convinced there were shark in the water where some swimmers had been earlier eating something.

     In honor of Shark Week on TV, I am discussing my shark fears.  The first day of shark week I was at my sister's later that day and my brother in law said to my nephew, "Ask April if it is Shark Week, I bet she has already been watching it."  I answered, "Yes, I have!"  I grew up with my brother in law, so he knows me very well!

     It is a weird fascination, but a true fear.  There was a movie on last weekend about adults being stranded out in the middle of the ocean and I watched it knowing I would have nightmares.  It was kind of a stupid movie, though.  The adults went swimming in the ocean, but they all jumped off the big yacht with none of them remembering to drop the ladder so they couldn't get back on the boat.  Oh, and an infant was left on board.  And....of course, one of them just happened to have a knife, and of course, toward the END they all had the idea, finally out of desperation, to take off their suits and tie them together to make a ladder.  But, being the stupid adults they were in the first place, they got one of the biggest men instead of the lightest girl to try it out, so it broke.  I watched it until the end and I think two survived, maybe one, but it was one of those movies that just kind of ended, but an old creepy kind of molester-looking guy found the boat at the end with the infant little girl on it.  Maybe there is a part two of a whole different kind of scary movie, I don't know.

     Speaking of Hollywood style movies, I don't think they portray a true shark attack.  Even the re-enactments on shark week don't show the true terror.  I am sure it would just put you in shock, but they always just seem to get "pulled under" or in the re-enactments it is like, "I felt a tug."  WTF?
All I can see in my head is the way my daughter reacts when she SEES a spider.  I hear a blood curdling scream and running and you would honestly think someone was in her room trying to kill her.  And all she has to do is step on it. 

     In the movies, I guess trying to act out shock, they can't scream shark it is just more like a whisper. I am watching while thinking:  Scream it fool!  There are other people in the water!  I guess Hollywood is more worried about the theatrical parts rather than a true experience.  I would imagine someone freaking out. 

     I don't know why I feel better in the gulf.  I think it is a false sense of security if I can see what is coming to get me. Like we can outswim something that swims 24/7.  And, it kind of slows you down if you are kicking, screaming, and generally freaking out.  Maybe those Hollywood movies have it right and you just freeze and think, damn, it's over.


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