Friday, August 16, 2013

Freaky Friday.....Germs

     I don't really think I am that odd in that germs freak me out.  Most people, if not all, don't particularly "like" germs.  The biggest thing is they can make you sick, but they are also just gross.

     I love Dr. Phil and was watching it recently and a girl on there claimed to be a germaphobe.  He told her she wasn't very good at it.  He said if she were a true germaphobe she wouldn't have shaken his hand when she came out.  I usually agree with him, but not necessarily on this point.  I think there are levels of being a germaphobe.  Her answer was that she would wash it as soon as she could.

     I am kind of that way.  It might drive me crazy until I can wash my hand, but I am certainly not going to let my insecurities be an excuse to be rude.  I know I am not alone because sanitizer bottles are everywhere!  You see it more during flu season and in schools, but a lot of people carry little bottles with them to use before eating or if they think they have touched something not quite clean.  Please tell me they do so I don't feel paranoid about being a germaphone!

     Being the graceful person I am, I can't go up or down an escalator without holding the rail. These by the way freak me out too!  I fell down one, from the top all the way to the bottom when I was about 13 and I am still afraid of them!  As if it wasn't embarrassing enough being in our local mall where you couldn't go to without seeing at least 10 people you knew, I finally get up of the floor and my dad and brother and sister are laughing at me so hard.  They still get tickled when we bring it up!  It really hurt, though.  I had played a softball game earlier and had on shorts and those steps will scrape you up if your legs hit them several times.  Anyway, I try to put my index finger on the rail rather than full on hold it, but it doesn't always work.  I think it is mental and out of trauma from my fall I feel like I am falling so I usually end up having to grab the rail but man, oh, man all I can think about is how many people have held it and one thing you never see at a mall is someone cleaning the escalator rails!

Every public restroom should have one of these!

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