Monday, August 26, 2013

Good Girl Gone Bad

     Well, I am about one in a trillion people talking about Miley Cyrus' performance at the VMA's last night.  It was shocking to say the least.

     I know times are different and dancing is different, but not to the extreme we saw last night.  I was in high school when Dirty Dancing  came out!  That was supposed to be shocking.  I realize, although it may be a little risqué at times, dancing has changed.  It is okay.  I can try to be a hip mom, but the performance last night was ridiculous.

     I blame her parents.  I don't think she has had much guidance and they should be more involved.  I am 42 years old and if my parents thought I was about to act like that they would have a fit!  Being a parent doesn't end when the child turns 18, sometimes it is really just beginning.  I would want to see what my child was preparing to wear and how she was going to dance to her song.  Not because I am a tyrant, overprotective parent but because I love my kids and feel responsible to keep them from embarrassing themselves.  Forget about me, I am grown woman, but allowing a young girl do that is crazy. 

     I don't want to hear, "but she is of age, what control do the parents have"?  She is still young enough that if her parents have no control they obviously didn't have any to begin with.  Kids can be stupid and make mistakes, I was a kid and I did, but parents are supposed to guide them and some people mature faster and at an earlier age than others.  Not physically, but emotionally and mentally. It is clear Miley Cyrus has missed a few steps and has tried to go from Hannah Montana to Madonna way too fast.

     My kids are getting older.  My daughter will be 20 in a few months.  If I ever hear her and her brothers say, "Well, I could be doing so and so" my answer is always the same.  "Oh, hell no you couldn't."  I am not the most strict parent at all, but sometimes you have to play the "I'm in control card" and try to keep them from embarrassing themselves.  I know sometimes it doesn't work and great parents lose a little control, but those aren't the same parents in the audience standing and clapping after such a disaster like Miley's mom last night!  Maybe somebody should call her mom's mom!

     The whole performance was disturbing from the moment she stepped out of a bear.  She was trying to look sexy walking sideways down the steps and with her tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth.  I don't know how she kept from biting it off.  She was definitely struggling walking down the steps. Then, she kept grabbing at something that obviously wasn't there.  I just don't know about Robin Thicke.  I think he came out trying to disguise himself as Beetlejuice, but it was sick watching her twerk him. Did I say that right?  That is the strangest word.  Who came up with the word and dance?  I have had low back surgery and it just looks painful to me.  I don't think I could stand up straight if I tried to do it.

     I know I am being highly critical, but I think the faces in the audience said it all.  Poor Will Smith was so shocked he didn't even think about covering his kids' eyes!

Look at poor One Direction!!!!!
Rihanna is obviously disturbed.
It is so sad.  Miley Cyrus does have talent and doesn't have to act like that.  I have a link to the video and a picture of her with Beetlejuice, but I didn't put them on here because I don't want to embarrass her anymore.  I still see her as a kid making some really bad choices and I feel sorry for her.  Somebody needs to help her.
In the meantime, they might want to burn that foam finger.

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