Sunday, August 4, 2013


     I saw this picture and it is definitely me.

I am so ridiculously clumsy.  I trip over my own feet, in tennis shoes, clumsy!  I don't know if it is a balance issue or what, but I almost daily hurt myself.  Last week I walked into the side of my brother's desk and hit my arm on the doorway going into my room.  And, in case you are thinking it, I do all of this sober.  Yes, I am that talented.  In fact, I probably do better after a glass of wine.  Don't know how it works that way, but it does.

I tried to take a step aerobics class a few years ago.  I was always very athletic.  I played sports all my life and I played tennis and softball in high school.  I was really good at both.  Coordination never kept me from being good at sports, so I thought I could handle a step class. The first day, I stumbled a couple of times, but it was new to me so I didn't worry about it.  As I got into the session I felt a little more confident until I misjudged and then it happened.  I completely knocked over the step set up thing.  I did what any other normal person would do.  I left it there, tried to gracefully pick up my water and keys and just left.  I got out of there as fast as I could and just never went back to the gym.  It happens to be next door to my favorite craft store and I still feel that "hot face embarrassment" just passing by it.  This is why I don't do gyms.  Even with a trainer, I look like a complete idiot.

The bad thing is I think I gave my clumsiness to my older son and my niece.  My poor niece will just run through the back yard and trip over nothing.  I am not joking.  And, if anything happens to be in her way watch out!  She may be destined to be a stunt person because no matter what she trips over she comes up arms in the air all Mary Katherine Gallagher style


and finishing with an "I'm okay!" or "It's all good!"

Now if I could look as cute and almost cool as my niece does when she shows off her gracefulness I would be good!

She is also our little comedienne.  We call her Grace when she falls and after watching Christmas Vacation she responds Aunt Bethany style with "Grace? She passed away thirty years ago!" 

(*A funny little note, my brother's wife's name is Bethany so they have an aunt Bethany!  The name is all they have in common, but they thought it was funny!)


Blond Duck said...

Every time I try step aerobics, I end up flying off the step. It just doesn't work. And my husband loves tennis, but I squeal everytime the ball comes to me.

April said...

Thank you for letting me know I am not alone! Some people make it look so easy!