Friday, August 23, 2013

Nothin' Freaky About This Friday!

     We celebrated my dad's 60th birthday yesterday!  It was a milestone birthday, but after what he has been through the past few months, it was an extra special celebration!

     We put this banner in our entrance so EVERYBODY would know it was his birthday!

We had a really nice, sunny day which has been rare around here.  I got to enjoy lunch with my dad and brother, but it was a light lunch and more about just sitting and talking.  We were saving up for dinner!
A lot of people would want a big party, but my dad is a pretty simple and grateful man.  He just wanted to celebrate with his grandchildren.........and the Varsity!
Although the day was pretty, right before his party we had a terrible storm.  Thank goodness we all live on the same street and didn't have far to go!  This was definitely a good site to pull up to!

If you have been to, or live near Atlanta, you definitely know about The Varsity.  If not, you need to come to Atlanta just to eat there!  Bring plenty of cholesterol medicine because the best thing they have are the oh so greasy onion rings.  It is definitely a treat meal.  You might want to eat it everyday, but your heart and/or doctor won't allow it.
If you are familiar with them, then you are also familiar with their famous phrase "What'll Ya Have?"  My brother always ordered plain hot dogs when he was little and we would laugh when they would yell, "naked dog a walkin' "
You can go to Wikipedia and find their information along with a section on Varsity Lingo!

It is fun when they come to your house.  The kids love going up to the window and ordering!  This is what my dad wanted rather than a big party the kids wouldn't have enjoyed as much.  We also couldn't have ended a big party with a really funny game of charades they decided to play!  I tell you, there is never a dull moment!

Of course we sang to him.  On his hat was a blinking 60th birthday button.  It had a button that would make it light up.  The poor thing probably has a headache this morning from the amount of times the kids would push the button, while the hat was still on his head!  He has a port on his chest, so I guess he thought his head was a safer place for it, but he may not agree today!


     It was just us and my grandparents, but it was his special day and he spent it the way he wanted to.  It was an emotional birthday, but such a blessed one.  We had to do something special and a keepsake since it was his 60th.  We gave him a monogrammed money clip with his initials and a special message to our "hero" on the back.  We also gave him a key chain that said "The Keys to Your Health" on one side and all of the grandkids' names on the other.  He has made it clear they are the power behind his fight and they are the key to keeping him going.  Watching them in the yard and coming in and out of the house the past few months has done as much for him as the medicine.  I am most certainly convinced of that.  We are very blessed and I hope we never take it for granted.

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