Saturday, August 17, 2013

Shake It, Luke!

     I am not trying to sound like I am 20 or 15, but the new Target commercial,


This is a behind the scenes video of "Crash My Party."   I was a fan before, but after seeing him "Shake It" in person I am a much more devoted fan!

My daughter, Sydney, got his new CD  this week and I can't get his new song, "That's My Kind of Night" out of my head!  Here is a video of him singing it this week on Jimmy Kimmel.

As much as I love him, I still think Florida Georgia Line is my favorite.  They are coming near to us on their own tour and I am going to try my best to get tickets.  They sell out fast, though.  I would love the VIP tickets where you might have a chance to meet them.  I want to meet Tyler Hubbard, the one from Georgia.  The town he is from is not far from us and my mom has a lot of family there.  That is where my grandmother's side is from and we have so many relatives from there and that still live there.  I am convinced we are related somehow!

I found this, it is "It'z Just What We Do" from the concert we went to last month!

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Blond Duck said...

Luke kills me. He's just so cute, esp. with his wife. His voice is like honey on a biscuit.