Friday, September 6, 2013

Freaky Friday.....Just Between Friends

     It is Freaky Friday and sometimes my kids freak me out.  In a good way.  Sometimes things happen with my kids, nieces, nephews, and friends' kids that are just hysterical!  It can all come full circle.

     I am going to try to tell this story without being too confusing.  I have my kids, my nieces and nephews and we have mutual friends.  I have talked about growing up in a small town and how my sister and her husband were childhood sweethearts and I have known him and his brother forever.  We also have friends around here that we all grew up with.

     One family in particular, had three boys we grew up with. The two older ones have kids and they are friends with my and my sister's kids.  The oldest brother of the three has the oldest child of their group and he is the same age as my youngest, Stratton.  They are 14, almost 15, and have been friends their whole lives.  We live near them and they are always walking from one house to the other.  He has a younger sister who is friends with my sister's son Walt.  The younger brother has girls around my niece Skylar and nephew Macalister's age.

    I hope I haven't totally confused you, I don't want to use their names without asking.  We were all at the 9th grade football game last night watching my son, Stratton and his buddy, their oldest child.  Well, the two sisters of the younger brother came and got Skylar.  A little later, one of them comes to get Macalister.  We laughed because she said come here and he just jumped up and went!  Then, in a bit Macalister comes back and tells Walt the sister of Stratton's friend wants him to "come here." We haven't seen her yet, just the two sisters.  After a bit Macalister comes back plops down beside me and gives me his big "guess what I have done" grin.  Then he shows me a dollar.  I asked him where he got it and the sister of Stratton's friend gave it to him to bring Walt to her.  (We are always teasing him about her. She's a pretty little thing!)

     I am dying laughing, tell my sister what happened, and we are saying that was really smart on her part!  Kids can be so entertaining.  I just have in my head her sitting up on a chair somehwere under the bleachers all godfather style. Well, we all get home and I tell Stratton what his friend's sister did and he starts grinning and says, "I think I know how she got that idea."

     Evidently, he was over at his friend's house one day and paid HER $2 to go get his phone from upstairs.  So, I am thinking besides I owe my friend and his wife an apology for my son teaching her that, they have a pretty good businesswoman in the making and Walt might want to take notice!

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