Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thank You For Being A Friend

     I love the show Dancing With the Stars.  It is always fun seeing who the new cast is.  There is usually a leak and we have an idea before it is official, but I am glad the leak was right about Valerie Harper.

     Everyone remembers her as Rhoda.  The Mary Tyler Moore Show was such a breakthrough for women.  The show was about a single woman working and supporting herself and they tackled issues such as equal pay for women, pre-marital sex, homosexuality, divorce, and infidelity.  What I believe is the most important part of the show is her friendships with  Phyllis Lindstrom (Cloris Leachman),  Rhoda Morgenstern (Valerie Harper), Sue Ann Nivens (Betty White), and Georgette Franklin (Georgia Engel).   It showed women supporting each other and how important those friendships are.

     I love the newer show Hot in Cleveland.  Of course, Golden Girls has to be on every woman's list of favorite shows ever.  Any show with a group of women living together and being family is a good show in my book!  Betty White was in Golden Girls and she is also in Hot in Cleveland.  Tonight's episode is supposed to reunite all the ladies from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  It has to be good!

     It was heartbreaking when the news came out just a little while ago about Valerie Harper's health and the doctors weren't giving her much time.  Well, don't ever count out a tough lady!  She said this morning on Good Morning America that she has had positive test results lately and doesn't have any symptoms.  I remember when she was on GMA when she first came out with the news about her health and I will never forget what she said.  In her words, she said, "We are all terminal."  That is the first time I had ever heard anyone put it that way, but we are.  We are never guaranteed tomorrow so that statement makes perfect sense.  Only God knows when we will be called home so we should appreciate each day as if it is the last.

     I was so glad to see that she is going to be on DWTS. I just hope she doesn't overdo it or get too stressed about it.  I think she will go far because she has so many fans that are so glad to see her doing so well.

     I am sure she is going to be supported by her television "sisters".  It just shows that with support we can do anything!  I think in honor of these 3 great shows and their example of sisterhood, we should each do something to show support for one of our "sisters" that we think needs it.  I don't know of anyone out there who can't use some kind of support.  It is a tough world and we definitely need to stick together!

What will you do to show support?


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