Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thankful For So Many Blessings


     I love Thanksgiving.  It is all about family and friends and just counting your blessings.  I have enjoyed seeing the 30 days of thankfulness on Facebook.  I have so many things I am thankful for and I feel so blessed.

     I think the top of the list for most everyone is family and friends.  Everything else we are thankful for doesn't mean as much if we don't have loved ones to share them with.  I am so thankful for my family.  We have had a rough year with my dad, but he was such a trooper and we made it through it.  I have 3 sweet kids and 5 sweet nephews and 3 sweet nieces that I love like my own.  It is so funny that when we happen to run into each other at the grocery store or mall we hug like we haven't seen each other in a long time and we live next door to each other!  Life is so much fun with these 11 precious souls. My favorite part of any of our get together meals is my niece, Skylar, saying the blessing.  Whether we are having a birthday, holiday, or just a meal together she says the blessing.  This child is 9 years old and always says something new and from the heart.  It isn't a memorized saying or song and it absolutely amazes me what she says and that she can stand in front of everyone and speak.  I admire that so much and hope that never changes about her.

     Thanksgiving is also about memories.  We think about past holidays and remember those who aren't at our tables anymore.  I have great memories of Thanksgivings at both grandparents' homes.  At my grandmother's on my dad's side, we always ended up hanging around and playing board games.  A sweet, sentimental holiday could turn into a loud, competitive game in no time!  My dad would always cheat and he and my aunt would become typical siblings really fast.  He always cheated to aggravate her and it worked every time!
     And of course, there is the great food.  We all have those dishes that are tradition and just remind us of this special day.  I can include in my blessings having two grandmothers who definitely know/knew their way around the kitchen.  The food is a huge part of the day, but I think all the other memories is what makes that food taste so good!  I love telling my kids stories about Thanksgiving when I was growing up. Being from the south, tradition means a lot to me.  I like to carry on those traditions, but life is also about making new memories and new traditions for my kids to pass on. My mom does most of the cooking now and my grandmother's have nothing on her!


*** I edited this post from before.  My word means everything to me, but it isn't always reciprocated.     I found I wasn't the only blogger who held up our end only to be left hanging.  Having a clear conscious is priceless!

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