Monday, March 10, 2014


     I don't jump on every popular bandwagon but when something grabs my attention a few times in a short period I take notice.  There is a movement going on right now called #banbossy.

     As women, we have either been called bossy or have called another female bossy at some point in our lives.  Unfortunately, most of the time when we have either been called or called someone else bossy it was at a young age.  The problem?  Besides the fact that this term isn't usually used with boys, it sends a girl the message she needs to back up and be quiet.  It isn't seen in a positive way as such words like confident and independent are viewed.  Bossy goes along with negative ideas as such as controlling and mean.  I have a 20 year old daughter, one nine year old niece and two four year old nieces.  I am proud to say all four of them are confident and know how to express their wants and needs.  I am also pretty sure they have been called bossy probably by the 7 boys we have in our family ranging from 3 years old to almost 18 years old.  Don't get me wrong, the boys in our family love our girls and are very protective of them.  As much as we need to ban this word for our girls, it is important our boys learn the difference also.

     The biggest reason we need to ban this word is because we want to encourage our girls to be leaders and independent.  Society doesn't have a right to stifle their assertiveness with a word that is related to negative ideas.  If we take advantage of learning to take this word out of our vocabulary, we also have a great opportunity to teach boys at a young age respect for women and their leadership traits.

     Just to take it a step further, boys should encourage the girls in their life to speak up.  Too often in a situation where there is domestic abuse or in any way a man is being disrespectful to a woman, some women may be afraid to speak up and their sons (as well as daughters) don't see these women having respect for themselves and demanding it from those putting them down and even physically hurting them.  Kids learn from example and we need to teach our girls to stand up for themselves while showing boys they will do so.

     The whole idea of #banbossy is to replace the word bossy with words such as independent, confident, brave, and leadership.  You can go to Blogher and read more about this.  The next part of this movement is to tell a personal story about being called bossy when you were showing leadership and in charge skills.  When I was in elementary school, me and a group of friends wanted to start a club.  I just kind of made myself president and came up with the rules.  Some of the boys didn't care for my assertiveness, but they couldn't stand it, and it wasn't long before they wanted to be a part of the club.  When I was a senior in high school, I was President of the Beta Club.  I guess those days in elementary school prepared me for my later days in high school.

This is the official website:  There are very inspirational videos and
Instagram photos for this campaign. See which stars are participating.


     If you are confident enough, being called bossy didn't stop you, but why take that chance with our young girls today.  Let's just #banbossy!     Why?       Because I said so!  Haha!

What is your personal bossy story?  Did it inspire you or cause you to step back?  Did you call someone else bossy and wish you could take it back?

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