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Cancer Symptoms Women Might Miss

Cancer Symptoms Women Might Miss

     I just happened to see this article today and it has a lot of really good information.  Parents stay so busy and often times don't notice things we might should about our health or if we do happen to notice something we might pass it off as something else or be afraid to address it.  When my dad found his lump in the collarbone area it was last January and our family had passed around a cold.  He thought the nodes were swollen because of being sick but when they were still there a few weeks later he brought it up at a regular doctor visit. 

     A lot of times we notice things that don't feel right.  It is scary when we do, but many times it is something bothersome but not serious.  This article did a good job of listing other health issues that could cause the problems. My kids know my favorite saying is "better safe than sorry."  We should always get things checked out just to be safe.  If it is serious, the sooner the better and if it isn't serious it is still something that might prevent you from enjoying all the things around you that make life worth living.

     I was diagnosed a few months ago with Interstitial Cystitis.  It is a very painful bladder condition.  The pain feels like pelvic pain and is often hard to diagnose.  My doctor that is treating me for it told me it can take some women 3-5 years of living with it before they find out it is IC.  I thought mine was ovarian cysts. It definitely affects my quality of life, but I am being treated now that I know what it is and I have greatly improved.  Some health issues aren't fun to talk about, but sometimes sharing information is helpful to someone else suffering.  This is the best link for IC:
There are many foods and drinks that affect this condition.

     If you are interested, just click on the title or the highlighted word article above and it will take you to the article.

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