Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's Not Okay

     I consider The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, The Real Housewives series, and many other reality shows guilty pleasures.  It is crazy to try to make sense of any of them.  I think sometimes we get maybe a glimpse of the full picture, but editing makes the show more fun.  We have to realize these are real people with real feelings, but nobody forced them to put themselves out there.

     There have been good bachelors and bachelorettes and there have been bad bachelors and bachelorettes.  Then, you have Juan Pablo.  Not only did his accent and phrases lose their appeal towards the end, we ended up with what seems to be a  fake.  I know these girls are optimistic and looking for love, but anyone with any heart hates to see a girl taken advantage of and mistreated. Not only was Sharleen above him as far as maturity, but she ran circles around him intellectually.


    It is unrealistic to think you can find true love this way.  It has worked for a slim few, but it would be hard enough to find someone new, fall in love and get engaged in a few short months.  You add in the fact that there are 20 something other girls around and it is a crazy idea. Everyone got upset with Juan Pablo because he used Clare and must have said something vulgar and offensive to her, then wouldn't say he loved Nikki.  I really don't want to take up for him in any way, but Nikki's dad said he wouldn't give his blessing until Juan Pablo came back and knew 100% she was the one and only for him.  He didn't want to say "I love you" until he was sure.  To be fair, if I thought he was being cautious and respectful I could see where he didn't propose and didn't say he loved her in that small amount of time, but I think it is just an excuse in his case.  It was a little hard to feel sorry for Clare because if he was as rude as she said he was right before they got out of the helicopter then she should have done like Andi and left.  By the way, I am excited to have an Atlanta girl that won't put up with any nonsense as the next bachelorette.

     Yesterday I posted about the #banbossy idea.  I was telling my 20 year old daughter about it and she said she wasn't sure she agreed with it. She said that sometimes girls come across rude with bossiness and we owe it to them to tell them.  I can definitely see that point, but I really think the purpose of banning the word bossy is to encourage young girls to be confident and independent.  Being rude is a whole other word and that behavior shouldn't be encouraged.  My daughter really had me thinking and I wondered if I was seeing it correctly.  THEN, I watch The Bachelor and see two girls clearly lacking self esteem and desperately need to speak up.  Clare did at the end, but she would have said yes if he had proposed.  Anger caused her to speak up not self esteem.

     It wasn't completely the girls' fault.  He was very confusing.  He didn't want to kiss anyone because of his daughter and he didn't want to kiss Renee because she has a son. But, he went to her home for the hometown date and sent her home after meeting her son!  He also pounced on the fantasy suite dates.  This was really bad since he had given Clare a hard time after their night in the ocean.

     Juan Pablo is clearly a confused little boy trapped in a rather attractive man's body. His hot factor had cooled off by the end of the season, though.  I just feel for the girls, especially Nikki who he continues to make a fool of.  What bothers me most is that he is raising a daughter and clearly doesn't have much respect for women.

I wonder what he is referring to?  Awwww, it's okay.

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