Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Ring!

     It's not what you think.  Most girls dream about their proposal and wedding from as early as they know what a proposal and wedding are.  The ring I am talking about is what most boys dream about.  Especially high school boys.  Especially football players.  AND, their dads from the moment they know they are having a son.

     I am not talking about the NFL, but my 17 year old son's high school football team won the state championship and they got their rings last night.  This is a great group of young men and it was a lot of fun watching their excitement as they saw their ring for the first time.  It is also a proud moment for parents.  I am proud of my son in a lot of ways, but he had a great season.

     He was so much fun to watch play this past season because of his love and heart for the game.  He is a great player, but most importantly, he is a team player.  He is one of those that gets everyone pumped up when they need it.  He plays offensive guard so his position doesn't get much attention.  They are crucial for scoring, but don't always get a lot of credit.  He had a game during the season that was on a public tv channel and we got texts at the game from people at home watching because his name was announced a few times.  It happened again during the state championship game. That was really great for him because sometimes the linemen don't get a lot of praise.  He works hard, though.  He doesn't miss a practice and won't tell you most of the time if he is hurting.  He had an ankle sprain during the season and I knew he was hurting because he normally just sucks it up and keeps going.

     He is just a junior so he has another high school season.  My best advice to him is to enjoy every minute of the next year.  He has a huge heart for the sport, but he has an even bigger heart for the Lord. I am proud of him for so many things, but he wants to be a youth minister and that goal is what I am most proud of.  He is a great kid and I am sure God has some really great things ahead for him.  I always joke about his appetite.  Because he is so active, he eats A LOT.  It doesn't matter where he is and what meal it is, he is going to pray before he eats.

      All three of my kids are practically grown and so much taller than me.  I love when I get a glimpse of their childhood faces and ways.  I still know when he is in deep thought.  I was in his truck with him the other day and I saw that little boy for a second.  He did something that he used to do all the time when he was little with his ear and it was like he was 5 again for just a couple of sweet seconds.  It is always so sweet when he sits down in the den to eat a meal or snack.  I try not to let him see me watching, but he sits down and closes his eyes and prays before he eats.

     He has very strong convictions and a very strong faith and it is what makes him Shane.  I have been watching him the last couple of years and I am not surprised at all in what he wants to do when he is older.  He is an amazing role model to his little cousins and his whole family couldn't be more proud of him.  He was holding my brother's little girl one day and she was so funny.  He was holding and hugging her and she kept saying, "Stop" while all the time grinning and leaning into him. She loved it, but didn't want to act like it.  He knew and just smiled back and kept hugging her!

This was taken right after the game.  He was so excited.  He was in a daze the rest of the night.  He
played a great game!  When we got home we watched the game on tv. I had recorded it and was so glad I did.  We got to see and hear the announcer replaying the play he was praised for. 

This was taken last night at the ring ceremony.  They showed a highlight video, the head coach spoke, and it was just a great night for all of the boys.  He wore his ring from last year, but this year's ring 
has a whole different meaning for him.

Pretty handsome, huh?

I am so proud of you and love you very much, Shane.  You are going to be such a positive influence and greatly impact the lives of the kids you will mentor in the future.  You have heard God calling you to minister to young kids and I can't imagine you doing anything you would be better at or more rewarding.

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