Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We Need James Bond and Batman

    My paranoia is working over time, but how in the world do you lose a whole, big plane?  I am not being funny, there are a lot of families just scared and frustrated that they can't find loved ones.  I just don't understand with all the technology there is today how something that big disappears?!

     We have all kinds of tracking devices. This plane wasn't a small, private one, so it had to have some kind of clearance or communication before taking off.  They said this morning family members are calling cell phones and they are ringing, but not being answered.  They acted like that didn't mean anything, but it doesn't really sound right.

     I saw something the other day on the news about new gps tracking for police.  Something shoots out all James Bond style out of the front of the police car and sticks to the car they are following.  There is a video you can watch to see this new Batman form of a police chase.

     It is almost scary the way people can track you now.  It am just freaked out by On Star.  At just the push of a button, someone answers, "Hello, Ms. Robinson, how are you today?"  It was always creepy when my kids were younger because I always wondered if they ever listened in. I was the opposite of most parents.  Instead of getting them in the car to discipline them in fear of being seen and judged, I would take them OUT of the car so I couldn't be heard!  I never did anything to hide, but one day I was at the grocery store and one of the kids acted awful the whole time we were in there.  I got them to the parking lot and fussed at him while getting him in the car.  This old man looked at me like I was the worst mom in the world.  He was going into the store and I just said, "You should have been in there sooner when he kept running from me." And then I think I said to myself, "like you have EVER been in the store by yourself with little ones, and if so you can't probably remember."  That was mean, I know, but I hate it when people judge when they have no idea about the situation.

Of  course, this wasn't the man and I was probably being a little paranoid that day.  I have always hated disciplining my kids in public, but this one went through a phase of trying to run from me.  I am sure the look wasn't really this bad, but it felt like it.

      I'll be honest, if I was an On Star worker and got bored I would probably feel tempted to do a little checking in on people.  Wouldn't you?  My luck I would hear a mafia hit or something and be REALLY paranoid they knew I knew. I wouldn't hear some couple in an entertaining argument, I would hear something awful and out of nervousness hit the button that talks to them. And if they are really good mafia, they would be able to reverse track me on On Star.  Good thing I am in my own little world and don't often come out of it.

     Seriously, though, I hope they find the plane soon.  This has to be awful for the families.  It just doesn't make sense.  If they can track volcanoes in the ocean surely they can find a plane.  They are covering a large area looking so maybe these families will have some answers soon.  I am going to say what has been said a million times, but when are they going to start making planes out of what they make the black box out of?  Which in this case, is missing too.

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