Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What A Difference A Year Makes

    What a difference a year makes!  July 3rd, last year, my dad had his stem cell transplant.  He and my mom had weeks ahead of them of travelling to Atlanta first thing in the morning even on weekends to get him checked.  My dad is strong, no doubt, but my mom is too.  She got him up and left every morning with him and I know there were days he felt horrible and she was exhausted but she got him there.  He just had his year scan and appointment with the stem cell doctor and he is still in remission!  We know this stuff likes to be unpredictable and has a mind of its own, but we are so thankful this year they have a much different routine than this time last year.

    Last week, we celebrated my mom’s birthday and my brotherin law’s birthday.  I have scratched out the in law part because me and my sister and brother grew up with her husband and brother so he is more like my brother than in law.  He has stepped in for my kids and is a great uncle but has been there for them in any way they need him.  He and my sister have 5 kids ages 4-13 so any time he takes with mine is more than appreciated! Harrison and my mom have shared years of birthdays but there was something very sweet about this one!

My beautiful mom!  She is sitting next to her mom and dad.


My handsome brother in law!

    Life is hard. The ONLY way I can imagine getting through it is with my faith in God. There simply is no other way for me.  When things happen to people, they either grow in their faith or go away from God.  I look at it this way, take a rubber band and pull it.  The further away you pull the weaker it gets, ends become frayed, and eventually it breaks.  The further you pull away from God the weaker you become, your “being” is frayed and eventually you break.  The closer we stay to God the fuller our lives are, the stronger we are, and we are so useful in so many ways.

    I know my family isn’t in the clear, we will have to face many things, but our growth in our faith and as a family has us much better prepared.

    My sister did a great job getting the cake!  My mom wanted to be called grandmother.  My youngest, he is 16, started calling her GaGa until he could say grandmother.  It kind of stuck and the 8 kids after him have called her that and Grandmother.  It is funny because my son started it way before Lady Gaga!  

This is my idea of the icing on top of the cake.  My sweet dad laughing with my nieces.  He calls them Thelma and Louise.  That isn't their names but that is another post!
It is his "new" birthday too. His original birthday is in August.  He just started his childhood vaccinations all over again, so I think he deserves 2 birthdays a year!

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