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     Hi!  Welcome to The Sisterhood of Spiritual Single Moms.  My name is April and I am a very blessed mom to three sweet teenagers.  No, that wasn't a mistake and I haven't lost my mind (yet!), my kids really are good people.  The four of us have been through a really rough time, but they have a very strong faith and a positive attitude toward life in general.  We live on the same street with my parents, my sister and her family, and my brother and his family.  My mom's parents live very close by and don't miss a thing my kids or nieces and nephews do.  My faith and my family are the most import things to me.  I couldn't raise my kids without either of them.
     I was a stay at home mom until my divorce 5 years ago.  I now work with my dad and brother.  I love making jewelry, any kinds of arts and crafts, and I watch way too much TV.  I started this blog just to try something new.  I wanted a way to kind of journal my life with my kids and family.  We have a lot of fun together and I hope one day my kids and nieces and nephews will appreciate the posts as my way of sharing and recording our memories.  I have found this blog to be a form of therapy as well as "meeting" some really great people I otherwise would not have met.
     I have titled my blog single moms, but it is really for single moms, single dads, married parents, step parents, grandparents, basically anyone raising children or in any way being a part of raising children.  I am not big on quoting Hillary Clinton, but I have learned it definitely "takes a village to raise a child" and no one's role in a child's life,no matter how big or small, should be underestimated.
     I like to write about fun things and family, but I also like to talk about some of the issues I have gone through with the courts and adjusting to life as a single mom.  I have been pretty disappointed in many ways with the court system and like to share my hard learned lessons.
     Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy my ramblings and please leave comments!


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Melanie Dundy/www.SpiritualParenting.info said...

Hi -

I write children’s books under the name Melanie Richardson Dundy.
HOW DO I KNOW GOD LOVES ME? is my latest book in print and eBook format. It is spiritual - not religious - and I wish I had written it when I was raising my son alone.

It has a wonderful message for children ages 6 to 12. Self-esteem and self confidence soar after reading. The book is also a wonderful bonding tool for single parents who want their children to love God, themselves and the world in which they live.

I am now a grandmother and writing this book was a true labor of love. It received a 2 page review in the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CHILDREN'S SPIRITUALITY, 2016 which began: "Written for children, this book is both fascinating and refreshing to read; leading a child through how God may answer commonly asked questions."

For more information, www.SpiritualParenting.info or melanie.dundy@icloud.com