Rock The Rules Jewelry

     Rock The Rules Jewelry is a blog I started about a year ago.  I haven't been very committed to it, but it is an idea I had to kind of move my handmade jewelry in another direction.  It is also the name of my current Etsy store.  I love music and I believe jewelry definitely shows your independent personality and can say a lot about who you are.  The music is just the fun part I added to it!

Here are a few listings:

Flower Turquoise Blue Pottery Ceramic Focal Piece Copper Chain Statement Bracelet         

Red High Heel Pump Rhinestone Sterling Silver Fashion Trendy Earrings

Turquoise Bottle Cap Quotes Handpainted Wine Bottle Vase Home Decor Party Decoration

Jesus Charm Bracelet, I Love Jesus Stack Bracelets, Stretchy Chain Beaded Bracelet

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